SML Puppet

  • SMLPuppet, Magikoopa Stuffed Plush#1

    SML Puppets, Magikoopa Stuffed Plush

    Magikoopas debuted in Super Mario World. They wear blue robes and hats, similar to wizards' clothes. They are generally considered senior members of Koopa's forces, and some were personal advisors to King Bowser Koopa. Kamuk, the leader of Magikoopas, has appeared in several parts of the Yoshi series. He is usually the main villain or assistant. Kamek is the only magic house in Yoshi's game. Lonely Magikoopas that appear in other games is often referred to as Kameks. Sometimes Kamek is intended to be the character in question but is accidentally called the typical "Magikoopa" because "Kamek" is also the common name for the Japanese species. This example is Mario Party 9, where Kamek is called by name in the Paar region but is called "Magikoopa" in the North American version.

  • SMLPuppet, EQUASIS Bowser Plush#1

    SML Puppets, EQUASIS Bowser Plush

    Material:Soft and smooth, super cute and huggable, made from high quality polyester fibres

    Size: 17*15*25cm

  • SMLPuppet, Bowser Jr. Stuffed Plush#1

    SML Puppets, Bowser Jr. Stuffed Plush

    Bowser Jr. Is Bowser'S Only Child, The Koopa King'S Heir To The Throne And The Secondary Antagonist In The Mario Series. Bowser Jr. First Appeared In Super Mario Sunshine And Has Helped Bowser Kidnap Princess Peach And Battle Mario And Luigi In Many Subsequent Games. Bowser Jr. Wants Nothing More Than To Do His Father'S Evil Will And Bowser'S Rarely Seen Emotional Side Is Often Brought Out By His Interactions With His Son.


  • SMLPuppet, Bowser Jr. Plush#1

    SML Puppets, Bowser Jr. Plush

    Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only child, the Koopa King's heir to the throne and the secondary antagonist in the Mario series. Bowser Jr. first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine and has helped Bowser kidnap Princess Peach and battle Mario and Luigi in many subsequent games. Bowser Jr. wants nothing more than to do his father's evil will and Bowser's rarely seen emotional side is often brought out by his interactions with his son. Bowser Jr. can be summed up as a bold and energetic troublemaker. His trouble making side is seen as he tricks Mario in both Super Mario Sunshine and New Super Mario Bros.
  • SMLPuppet, Super Mario#3

    SML Puppets, Super Mario Plush

    Mario is the eponymous protagonist and protagonist of the long-running and hugely successful Mario series. Created by Japanese video game designer Miyamoto Shigeru, he is also Nintendo's main mascot. Mario first appeared as the protagonist of the arcade game Donkey Kong, released in 1981. Since Super Mario Bros., his trademark abilities have been his jumping and stomping powers. He defeated most of his foes, and his ability to change the size and gain powers, such as super mushrooms and sparks.

Sml Wiki

SML (short for Super Mario Logan) is a series of various plush and puppet comedy videos, made by Logan Thirtyacre and uploaded to YouTube. Logan Austin Thirtyacre was born on November 17, 1994 in Pensacola, Florida, United States. He is a puppeteer and voice actor.


Logan Austin Thirtyacre's Love Affair with YouTube

He did not know about YouTube until seventh grade when his brother Lance showed Logan a funny YouTube video. That video featured his friends filming a skit. Logan thought that it was cool to film anything and upload them online to the Internet where the whole world could see. As it turns out, he did. Now, he is best known for creating the SML series. 

When he was 12, he began to create his first YouTube channel named supermariologan1994. but he deleted it soon. On December 8, 2007, he set up a new channel--- SuperMarioLogan. At the same day, he uploaded his first video “Super Mario Got Milk”. The video earned him a modest fan base right at the beginning.


Sml Series---Bring You Happiness

Did you ever see the Sml series? It’s really funny and interesting. Honestly, if you haven't seen any Sml video I recommend you check it out, maybe it's a little stupid, but it's really worth watching! This series isn't supposed to make sense and be logical; and even sometimes the humor is hit-or-miss and feels forced, but it is just pure entertainment in the end and it is just made for happy.

If you just watch the videos to watch the videos and have a good time, you'll enjoy Sml deries. Trust me!


Others views toward Sml Series Videos:

We create Sml Merchandises to pass happiness because Sml series videos did. Others’ opinions are as following:

“A Swearing Inappropriate channel to kids friendly to swearing normally without strong language, it is so funny and awesome!!!!”

“I love that I can watch a new video every week! More then one! Because there are many characters, it never gets old!”

“When I saw this YouTube series first time, I have had a soft spot for it. Logan Thirtyacre along with the rest of these very talented voice actors have been making these Mario-themed videos for some time now, and they have not lost their sense of humor.”